Even before the coronavirus pandemic, 63% of Guatemala’s rural population fell below the poverty line — living on less than $4 a day. Now, as these areas experience a total economic shutdown with deteriorating living conditions and even deeper levels of poverty, they need our help.


70% of Guatemalans live day-to-day through informal labor. Further unemployment caused by COVID-19 has led to increased starvation and desperation.


COVID-19 has forced
government-sanctioned curfews and
travel restrictions that have created
even deeper levels of poverty.

No Government
Safety Net

Guatemala does not have unemployment benefits, so families are being left to battle this on their own, with very little options to do so.

Our Goal:  Provide 600,000 Meals

Through company funds and employee donations, we have raised $45,000 and provided 300,000 meals to families in rural Guatemala. Now we need your help to raise another $45,000 to reach our goal of 600,000 meals.

To package and deliver the meals, we are leveraging our employees and trusted partners who are located within the heart of these rural communities.

How You Can Help


Give a tax-deductible financial contribution today.


Torrent distributes
meals through our
Guatemalan partners.


Make an impact for
families in crisis.

Guatemala — Our Home Since 2017

Talent is distributed equally but opportunity is not — but we are on a mission to change that. While poverty persists no matter where you live, Guatemala is one of the most unequal countries in terms of wealth distribution, globally. So, in 2017, we created our hub in Antigua, Guatemala, where we provide training and meaningful digital work to raise up leaders and transform lives.

Over the past two years, Guatemala has become our home, and it’s people our family.